Steezy For Christ, DEFINING REBEL.: 1) The Briefing Intro. God will straight up make your reality into a living miracle if you let him

Steezy For Christ, DEFINING REBEL.: 1) The Briefing Intro. God will straight up make your reality into a living miracle if you let him: A little taste of what it's like to really put God in charge of your life. A process which by the way is meaningfully endless and which always requires an effort. Sometimes we do better then others, but when we can manage to swallow our pride, stop trying to exalt ourselves and choose to instead focus that time and energy on our God and savior, the only one who really deserves it. . When we can do that my friends, the result our endlessly incomprehensible. This is just a tiny story trying to grasp a small fraction of what God has been doing, I think the most encouraging part about it all is that even when I fail to surrender my everything to the lord and  fail to carry my half of the bargain, God still remains faithful and loyally remains at work in my life. Those works, turn nightmares into dreams, turn dreams into plans, and those plans are so abundantly miraculous and wonderfully impactful that they make our most meaningful dreams look pathetic. There is no comparison between God's plan for us and our wildest dreams for ourselves, God's plan trumps our dreams, he's made a plan for you he's planned it out, he's put so much effort and thought and care into it, and all he asks us to do is to let him give it to us, he will faithfully lay it down before us, but it is our task to surrender ourselves and our plans and our desires, and to take that step of faith knowing that it is going to take us somewhere we never could have dreamed of going. It's hard to surrender everything, and often we are deceived and we think that we have assuredly handed our lives over to the lord. But the fact of the matter is that that usually is not the case. There will always be something more that we could surrender. And when we do, God will always be there to show us that we have made the right choice. So please take this step of faith with me today, even if you think you've surrendered your life to God, write out three areas of your life where your emotions or desires influence you to make decisions without first thinking things through. Look at the big choices that you've made in your life, and try to recall if you surrendered those choices to God, if you forfeited what you wanted to choose and asked God to help you see things the way he does. If your in a tight situation or if you feel that your being controlled by your emotions or desires or feelings or wants or needs, please take a moment to stop and pray, to just lift it up to God. If you happen to be in a life crisis right now, where you are making a decision that will change the rest of your life and future. Pray, and pray, and pray, and fast if you want to hear God, then bring it to your pastor, your spiritual anchors, your family, and gather their opinions, right out the good and the bad associated with each decision, and make sure that your list is centered on God's plan for your life, not what you want for your life. If you want extra motivation to actually follow through with these tasks, if you want proof that listening to God is whats best, then click on the link. It's got a quick example of God's brilliant plan in action.


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