Rhema Marvanne's Story

Rhema Marvanne Sings For Her Mom In Heaven 

This wonderful song from the 8-year-old gospel singer, Rhema Marvanne is dedicated to her “Mommy in Heaven.” No child should have to lose their parent at such an young age but Rhema has been able to take inspiration from her mother’s life and produced so many beautiful songs praising God and honoring her mother’s memory. This little girl is so special!

When I came across Rhema Marvanne’s videos for the first time and listened, first to Amazing Grace, I was absolutely stunned! No exaggeration. This young girl has a voice that rivals many adult singers let alone her child counterparts. Such talent cannot be by chance but rather a truly “Amazing” gift from a God of Grace.

The 7-year-old gospel singer from Carrollton, Texas, taped a scene in Butler’s new film Machine Gun Preacher. In the movie Butler plays a drug dealer-turned-crusader on a mission to save kids.

Speaking on her theatrical debut, Rhema said: “It felt greatIt felt like God is really proud of me and he’s smiling right at me.”

YouTube videos of Rhema performing “Amazing Grace,” “O Holy Night,” Celine Dion’s “The Prayer” with Terry White, and Whitney Houston’s “I Love The Lord” have reportedly generated more than a million streams

Rhema has been singing ever since she could speak. Her mother, Wendi Marvanne, who was a local gospel singer, died of ovarian cancer in 2008. She often sang with Rhema and rehearsed plays.

It is reported that The Maury Povich Show has already contacted Rhema’s father to feature her on its Most Talented Kids 2010, and that Korean show Star King also booked her as a guest.

Woman To Woman wishes Rhema a lifetime of success. 

You’re truly blessed. - Woman to Woman Blog Talk©

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